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you're so anne frank - ..samira..

Jan. 12th, 2004

08:59 pm - you're so anne frank

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heres the scoop.. i havent updated in hella like i was supposed to like everyday.. bc i havent been able to see. totally good excuse.. so yeah i went to the doctor on sunday and she done told me i have an eye infection and a cut and/or abrasion on my left eye. yeah they sent me home looking like a pirate. and not a cute one mind you. aaaanyway im on sufra--- and vicodin.. lovely business.. tomorrow i am going back to school. im not all that sure about these glasses. so yeah thats my story. im painting something else.. so far it looks hott. its a sunset and 'hawaiian' type scene. score! yeah thats all i hope everyone is well. xoxo

so maybe jamie foxx shouldn't make music. just an opinion.

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