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Jan. 7th, 2004

11:29 pm - i wish that i.. had something to say..

its amazing how frustrated i am. i hate it when people thing low of me. i hate it when people underestimate me. i hate it when people think im retarded. i hate it when people think i cant do the things they can just because im a girl. im extremely frustrated and i still have art history hw to do. i just got home from work and i was off supposedly an hour and a half ago. im extremely irritable and i just wanna sit and cry. on the bright side. i painted two new things. they are neat. and yeah, i have a day off coming up soon.

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Jan. 6th, 2004

11:07 pm - im addicted to you, don't you know that you're TOXIC!

new goal in life. see how often i can update my livejournal.
if i hafta take a shit. im gonna update that. muhahaha. not really. im hella dumb. and im tired, and i have hw and an art project but i should sleep. cuz im tired. im stretched thin. im going nuts. i need to cuddle.

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Current Music: nelly furtado

Jan. 5th, 2004

11:05 pm - all i need is one mic. one life.

back to school! back to school! to show daddy im not a fool!
first day was great. i had about 2.5 hours of sleep. i was like twenty seconds early to my first class. i rushed my ass back for some work. im one tired bitch. i should sleep, but i have a new pen pal. opps. penis pal, as she would like to be called. so today in speech i called amy round. it was so funny. and then she hit me. i think i need a new laugh. this one is really starting to deafed my everything. so yeah. i have nothing important to say. im gonna go pick my nose now. hott!
p.s. it's that time of the month... so im being extra EMOtional.

love always and forever
K.eep I.n T.ouch
stay sweet always.
don't change

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Dec. 30th, 2003

12:32 am

this one time your ex boyfriend calls you and tells you he's in town and go and kick it. weird kind've.

Dec. 24th, 2003

01:02 am - hooty hoo.

yeah so i just got home from work. i'm hella tired. today was a super long day. yeah i don't really have anything important to say. i don't usually anyway. umm i kinda miss my friends. i just read amy's journal, after like hella days she wrote. but yeah.. growing up with your friends. its such a weird feeling. i remember when we used to go over to taco bell every single wednesday after school and hella chill and buy hella food and the boys would skate board and the girls would all sit around and talk and giggle and we'd all buy eachother food and just sit til we all had to go home. wow those were the days. now we call eachother when someone's in town to say hey, want to get coffee? that is this whole coffee shit?? i hate coffee. i hafta smell coffeee everyday. im so tired of it. i miss middle school. but even more i miss high school. we'd all go to shows together and be helllllllla loud and dance and yeah. those were fun. i miss those too. now everyone is dating someone. or has a boyfriend. or has a full time job. or live some where else. but i guess that makes me more thankful when we get together once a year. so yeah im done being all mushy and shit. thats what usually comes after me being hella grumpy. and last week was a really bad week for me. yeah so im tired and i hafta work tomorrow too. to everyone a happy christmas, hannukah and a kwanzaa. i love love love love you.

p.s. girls night at my house friday night. or going out for food. be there or be square. all your friends are doin' it.


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Dec. 8th, 2003

04:49 pm - and all i wanted was a simple kind of life..

life sucks so bad when you sit in bed foe ten hours trying to make yourself cry. & your eyes burn like fire. contact companies suck also. *insert sad face here*

Current Mood: sadsad
Current Music: no doubt

Nov. 27th, 2003

11:08 pm - hope everyone had a good turkey day

hi. im thankful for you. i could go on for hours. but i'll just say i love you. and end it. b/c i do. xoxo samira

Current Mood: thankfulthankful
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Nov. 21st, 2003

01:04 am - the stranger with the doorkey, explaining 'i'm just visiting'

if they could invent a lipgloss that would never come off or lose its shine till you wanted to take it off, i would totally pay a billion bucks for it. that would rule at life.

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Nov. 19th, 2003

10:33 pm - i wear my sunglasses at night.

iiiii don't know whats wrong with me. i've been blue. but i don't really have reason to be. i have rad people in my life and they help me out with almost anything i need. but when i'm by myself i started to think about a lot of stuff. and other night i went to bed at 3 in the morning. and almost in tears. i sorta realized that he had just turned into a name to me. that broke my heart. im not giving up, but this makes it harder. you really can't miss what you forget. my jaw hurts from chewing too much gum. im aggravated. i hate it when people say things that they are gonan go and then don't do them. i'm guilty of the same thing. but repeat offenders need to get their asses kicked. not that this journal entry had any significance, but yeah. i had a totally rad weekend. friday i was out with my girls and i had a blast. saturday i had traffic school and hung out a little and watched a movie,.. till i fell asleep for twenty hours. and then sunday i did more traffic school and then went to the store meeting and went bowling. i love work people. i like them more when they are drunk and not in the context of work, but yeah.. rad people. thats all. im hungry. im gonan get some food.

p.s. i'm hella sick. send love.

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Current Music: corey hart- sunglasses at night.

Nov. 12th, 2003

11:18 pm - and i know ya'll want that 808 when you feel that b-a-s-s BASS

xhollerlikewhoa: were so ugly
xkissingexesx: we are so fucking ugly

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