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what a weekend. i had a good weekend. it was good good good. i dig… - ..samira..

Feb. 8th, 2004

10:23 pm

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what a weekend. i had a good weekend. it was good good good. i dig having the whole weekend off. it only happens once every blue moon, so when it does happen, im thankful. friday i went to work and then hung out with irene and the puppy. then on saturday, i went to amoeba with bobbit and saw the atmosphere. it was pretty awesome. i love the vibe from those kinda shows. its so good. then came back and kicked it for a while. went and saw mallorgy and watched dave's christmas disc. it was soo good. i dig how we're fairies. then drove around and got coffee. the drive was more fun that actually getting coffee. its funny how it always works out that way. really. anywhere we go in the car, the trip there was more than the actually event. its weird how that works out. then it was to the atmosphere show. OMG. that was a blast. i dont think i've had that much fun at a show before. well.. maybe i have. jonah shows are pretty great. but the sets were pretty awesome last night, the in between djs could have been better, but it was awesome. and i had a dancing buddy. muhahahahaha. but im sure he was a fucking dumbass. he was sweet and i dont wanna make assumptions, but really.. im sure he was a fuck. and today i woke up. redid my room. whatched some more of ben hur. showered and went to the beach with bobbit and the amy. nice drive to the beach and good talks at the top of the world. its times like that that make me feel good and really sad at the same time. and i think only the people that know me pretty well know what im takling about. we sat there and talked about how things were when we were younger, and how stuff is now when we're bigger... its really kind've depressing. i wish i could share moments like this with everyone. i wish a lot of people hadn't left. yeah its fun when you visit your friends off at school and have a ball. but its nights when you lived down the street from eachother and just went over for bull shit. it didnt matter why you went over. but you did and still had fun. even if it was those nights that you spilled your heart out and random fun stuff like that. now you cant share all the moments you used to before. like the same way that you used to before. and yeah im still here, but when i do get my shit together, im gonna be gone too.. none of us are gonna be living around here anymore.. and we're lucky if we even remember eachother. so, now im depressed. and i totally woke up this morning... thinking.. there is nothing wrong in the world. the only thing i got tot take care of is studying for my test. which i havent done yet.. but im going to right after this. but im not in a fight with anyone. no ones mad at me. im doing good in school. i have people that love me. and it sounds cliche but when you're depressed, its hard to find the people that love you. but today was a good day. i am very thankful for this day. and this weekend i was surrounded by people i love more than anything. but today was a hard day to go through. partly bc i made it hard on myself..
i held your hand through all of these years.. and you still hold all of me..
someone's getting EMOtional.
peace out.

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Current Music: evanescence- my immortal.


Date:February 8th, 2004 11:18 pm (UTC)


baaaabbbbeeee, YOU give me butterflies! (but i think i need to give you some kissing lessons.. muahahaha!) and yeah, back in the day is always a huge topic, but hey, think about all the good times you have ahead of you! and one more thing, what the ef is this about forgetting each other? that's bullshit! i can't imagine forgetting people who give me my best memories :)
have a good night, cupcake. love you!
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Date:February 9th, 2004 10:32 pm (UTC)

i luuurve you

how come i love you sooo much? oh ya...ur u :)
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